Dive into detailed treatments of various topics related to our technology.

Drive Member Satisfaction with Call Recording Technology

An in-depth analysis of how credit unions can drive member satisfaction and boost membership with data-driven analytics that raise agent performance, reduce call handle times, and improve adherence to best practices.

What Contact Centers Can Learn From Public Safety

To the harried managers of a modern high-octane commercial contact center, it might seem like nothing could be more urgent than squeezing every bit of efficiency and productivity out of operations. But they would be wrong.

Call Recording and the Law

Call Recording and the Law is a comprehensive guide, addressing several of the laws and requirements that impact contact center operations including: Consent-to-Record Laws, Telemarketing Sales Rule, Payment Card Industry Compliance, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and more.

Recording and Personal Data

This paper focuses on the HigherGround's role in protecting the privacy of personal information. Compliance with the collection, storage and distribution of personal data is discussed, as well as GDPR regulations.

Virtualization and HigherGround

A look into what it means to virtualize  applications and how HigherGround can function in a virtual environment. Several benefits are examined, such as cost and time savings.