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Critical Recording with Calibre

The transportation and logistics industry must rely heavily on several communication channels to manage and improve scheduling, fleets, safety, and customer service. Integrating communications from multiple-source data is critical for achieving best practices, and capturing this data in contact and dispatch centers allows for review and analysis of any interaction.

HigherGround’s Calibre platform provides the right tools to capture and review this data, contributing to improved operations, greater customer satisfaction, and reduced costs.

Multi-Media Recording

Calibre provides a multi-source call recording and reporting system to capture data and interactions across multiple channels.


Record VoIP, landlines, cell phones, text, email, IM, video chat, and other data. These interactions are captured using their metadata via applications or data collection modules and can be securely stored while also enabling quick and easy retrieval by authorized users.

Scheduling & Safety

The ability to retrieve recorded interactions involving delays, vehicle, vessel or aircraft malfunction, accidents, and customer service issues can ensure that best practices are used and DOT regulations are upheld.


Calibre enables you to meet these objectives by allowing playback, reporting, and analytics of all interactions.

Quality Assurance

Boost call center scores with Calibre Quality Assurance. This QA feature makes it easy to score and grade agents, and email results for review.

With QA:

  • Managers can train agents using feedback from the agent’s and peers' interactions. This empowers agents and improves their attitude, awareness, and performance.

  • Agents become more productive with appropriate coaching.

  • Customer satisfaction increases when agents are trained to better understand both the internal and external customer voice, and respond appropriately.

Calibre quality assessment form

Real-Time Monitoring

You can monitor activities and performance in real-time or quickly retrieve interactions for review at a later time. Search with a wide array of parameters and choose to monitor calls, screen capture, email, text, IMs, and more based on agent, caller ID, media type, or other criteria.

Screen Capture

This feature records video of the agent’s desktop throughout the interaction, allowing you to monitor the agent’s synced screen activity at any moment. It allows you to review what applications were being used and how, as well as their browsing activities to monitor productivity.

HigherGround screen capture

Speech Analytics

Speech analytics allows automated filtering of calls based on keywords, phrases, silence, or sentiment. It is a valuable tool that augments agent quality assurance assessment. Speech analytics can determine if agents are communicating appropriately and, with training, it can help improve behavior and tone.


Rapid Report Generation

Seamlessly generate reports and charts for scheduled and on-demand analytics. You can select desired KPIs and filter by station number or agent, duration of interaction, type of media, number of interactions by agent, grading score, and more.

Calibre report analytics

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