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How the University of New Mexico Created a Customer Engagement Center

By Licia Wolf

The University of New Mexico Hospital is the primary teaching hospital for the university’s School of Medicine and the state’s only academic medical center. It provides care to more than 491,000 patient visits annually. With a mission to provide high-quality accessible care for its patients, UNMH recognizes that the contact center is the front door to patient satisfaction. Utilizing technologies from Spok® and HigherGround, the UNMH has recently achieved significant improvements in patient accessibility and satisfaction.

Heading contact center operations is Gregg Aguilar, who made it his mission to transform the contact center into a Customer Engagement Center. This means taking the services from transactional “answer and transfer” to comprehensive services that consistently deliver value to patients and providers with “100 percent customer service, every call.” Working with Spok and HigherGround to centralize, consolidate, and record communications, Mr. Aguilar achieved impressive results with the Spok operator console and HigherGround Calibre software.

  • Average time to answer: Reduced by 77 percent (13 seconds to <3 seconds)

  • Average talk time: Reduced by 30 percent

  • Average physician answering service page to connection time: Reduced by 60 percent

  • Average contact center agent call score: Improved by 80 percent (average score of 2.5/5 to an average score of 4.5/5)

Spok Unified Communications

With the Spok operator console UNMH was able to improve page to connection time when contacting physicians. They now can page physicians more quickly using automatic call diversions to a specific operator that answers high priority calls from the physicians. This allowed UNMH to reduce the page to connection time by 60 percent.

With this technology in place, the contact center expanded to include handling internal calls with the Emergency Departments (EDs), whose rate of correctly connecting incoming calls was quite low. The contact center was able to leverage Spoke technology to quickly route calls directly to the nurse attending the specific patient in the ED exam room.

Boosting Agent performance with HigherGround

Utilizing Calibre to help with QA, Mr. Aguilar not only elevated his contact center team’s performance, but motivated the ED nurses to improve their customer service when speaking with patients or their families on the phone.

Watch the webibar here.

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About the Author - Licia Wolf is the Marketing and Communications Manager at HigherGround. She holds a Ph.D., and a professional background in electronics, internet marketing, and print/imaging technology. Click here for more information on the rest of the HigherGround team.

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