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Virtualization: Hosted Services - Applications (AWS)

Updated: May 23, 2019

By Terry Ryan

During this series of blogs, the HigherGround team has been discussing the features and capabilities of virtualization, and there were occasional references to hosted services. The use of hosted services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure (Microsoft) is rapidly becoming a common tactic by companies in moving beyond basic virtualization. These public cloud services have many virtualization advantages – cost savings, hardware utilization, distributed resources, flexibility and scalability – but with the added advantage that professional service experts provide all of it for you. This means that on-premise hardware, software, IT manpower, and security needs are greatly reduced.

Public Cloud Service Providers

There are quite a few Public Cloud Service Providers on the market today. Some provide general services, while others provide specific services and capabilities. Here are the top 10 providers as of August 2018.

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  2. Microsoft Azure

  3. Google Cloud Platform

  4. Adobe

  5. VMware

  6. IBM Cloud

  7. Rackspace

  8. Red Hat

  9. Salesforce

  10. Oracle Cloud

The top two providers – AWS and Azure – provide infrastructure services, database storage, computing power and networking with high flexibility and scalability. These services support various operating systems including Windows Server OS and Linux, database platforms, tools, and programming languages. Their capabilities equip the user with a host of options that allow their operations and business applications to run optimally.


To remain competitive, cloud service providers strive to remain at the leading edge of technology to gain and retain customers. As such, they frequently test innovative technologies and capabilities that could potentially become the new standard.

One example of a cutting-edge cloud service technology is Kubernetes, an open-source container-orchestration system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes is a portable platform for managing containerized workloads and services. Containerizing applications refers to a virtualization method used to deploy and run distributed applications without launching an entire virtual machine for each application. Additionally, Kubernetes creates “clusters” of computers that are connected to work as a single unit. Containerized applications can deploy without being tied to individual machines. The Kubernetes platform ensures that containerized applications run where and when you want, and helps them find the resources and tools they need to work.

A great benefit of Kubernetes is that it efficiently automates the distribution and scheduling of application containers across a cluster. This eliminates much of the manual monitoring that would be employed in a bare metal environment.

Computing and application platforms such as Kubernetes are constantly evolving in today’s IT environment, and migrating into hosted services is becoming the preferred choice for organizations to remain current, competitive, and cost-effective.

The HigherGround interaction storage platform has the ability to virtualize today and is moving towards additional options and features in a hosted environment. Throughout our history we have evolved and developed our platforms to meet market/customer needs, and today is no different. HigherGround has already implemented an AWS environment application and we will continue to deploy our platform in ways that make best business sense for our customers.

Share with us on social media your outlook on how virtualization and public cloud services platforms will continue to change as we move through the last quarter of 2018.

About the Author - Terry Ryan is the CEO of HigherGround and crafts and executes the company's vision and business plan, focusing on organizational and business development activities. Mr. Ryan's extensive technology background and experience also includes service in the United States Air Force as a Lead Mechanical Support Engineer and a Project Engineer for several classified computer programs. Click here for more information on Terry and the rest of the HigherGround team!​

HigherGround, Inc. provides best-in-class, reliable data capture and interaction storage solutions that enable clients to easily retrieve critical information. Our interaction recording and incident reconstruction solutions transform data into actionable intelligence, allowing optimization of operations, enhanced performance, and cost reduction.

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