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Case Study: University of New Mexico Hospital & Calibre

Updated: May 22, 2019

By Licia Wolf

The University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH) is one of several healthcare institutions affiliated with The University of New Mexico. It is the academic medical center and main teaching hospital for the university's School of Medicine.

The Problem

The University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH) Customer Engagement Center was using an outdated and inefficient call recording and quality assessment system, and their contact center services were well below the new customer service standards. A new system was needed to enable them to obtain improved standards.

The Result

HigherGround software had been used successfully in a different department, and the Customer Engagement Center recognized that its features were ideal for their needs. UNMH chose Spok, the leading healthcare communications provider, to install HigherGround’s Calibre platform with Quality Assurance and Screen Capture features.

Using Calibre’s easy to use rapid retrieval with flexible search filters, Customer Engagement Center supervisors saved hundreds of hours searching for interactions, making their job easier and improving efficiency. The Quality Assurance feature allowed for grading agent performance with appropriate KPIs. By grading and scoring calls and other interactions and reviewing them with agents, supervisors were better able to coach the contact center team. Using Screen Capture allowed them to see what was on agents’ screens at all times during interactions, which provided greater insight into an agent’s behavior and use of applications. After several months using Calibre, agent scores soared from about 2.5 to about 4.5 out of 5 points. The improvement in call center quality was significant.

Would you like to learn more about improving workflow for healthcare contact centers?

Read the full case study here.

About the author - Licia Wolf is the Marketing and Communications Manager at HigherGround. She holds a Ph.D., and a professional background in electronics, internet marketing, and print/imaging technology. Click here for more information on the rest of the HigherGround team.

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