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Danger #1: Event Management and Safety Tracking

Updated: May 23, 2019

By Tom Goodwin

Events happen. Whether inclement weather, sudden surges caused by widespread use of AC during a heat wave, or routine maintenance servicing gone wrong, there will be times when customers will be without the reliable service that they expect. Public utilities responses to untimely events must comply with company policies, safety requirements, customer expectations, and telecommunications regulations. One way to ensure that the company is in compliance with policies and regulations is to record all telecommunication interactions.

Policy Adherence

Utility companies have policies in place to ensure that customers receive current and accurate information regarding an event, and they use various methods to communicate this information to the customer. Recording of these communications ensures that policies are adhered to and that they can be used for training and improvement towards best practices.

Dispatch Communications

Recording of dispatch communications is also another important aspect of event management. Outages rarely follow an established or prescribed routine, and thus exercising flexibility and responsiveness is necessary. However, it is also essential that safety requirements are maintained and all team members are well-informed and communicating throughout the event. Recording these communications can be used for post-event quality audit and proof of compliance.

Customer Interactions

During outage events, customers are naturally unhappy due to the inconveniences; however, customers often feel more comfortable when the agent supplies current and reliable information and is attentive to them. Recording allows for review of agent/customer conversations to determine tone, as well as to review the agent’s adherence to policies. Quality Audits can be used for training and future improvement of customer interactions.

Industry Regulations

Regulations regarding communications with customers is outlined under the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Recordings can be used to review compliance with TCPA and can be used for training to ensure future compliance.

Call Recording Improves Event Management

Events will happen, and recording interactions during them can help track any repercussions. These factors include adherence to company policies, meeting safety requirements, exceeding customer expectations, and compliance with telecommunications regulations. Having recording capabilities in public utilities enables improved management of events and establishes enhanced performance for future events.

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About the Author - Tom Goodwin is the Vice President of Marketing at HigherGround. His background in telecommunications and data networking has been augmented with work in data analytics and automated reporting prior to joining HigherGround. Click here for more information on Tom and the rest of the HigherGround team!

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