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Remote HealthCare and Monitoring

Updated: May 23, 2019

By Terry Ryan

Health care processes are currently becoming more integrated with mobile devices using specialized apps, and it is no surprise that remote monitoring of patients and associated systems are gaining traction. These systems collect biometric data, which is processed and presented to nurses in call centers so they can respond with the most expedient and appropriate action. Some systems even allow patients to connect via “skype-like” video conference so that medical professionals can interact directly with patients. Such systems are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons:

  • Familiarity of patients with online technology – Patients are using smartphones and tablets, and some have automatic biometric sensor devices. They are accustomed to this type of technology and are comfortable with it.

  • More effective care and comprehensive coverage using limited personnel; in-home care nurses must travel from patient to patient and can only spend a small amount of time with each. In contrast, remote patient monitoring is 24/7, and triage nurses or other medical personnel can interact immediately with patients at any place and any time. With more frequent interfacing and quicker response time, more patients can be helped with increased efficiency. Thus, overall outcomes will improve.

  • Cost savings – Improved health care brings reduction of readmittance, less travel time, and reduced home visits. This results in lower costs than traditional methods. Initially some costs will be transferred to the set-up of the new systems; however, more effective resource use will generate increased savings over time.

The success of these systems is dependent on the ability to collect, store, analyze and report on all the data that is needed and used. Monitoring of biosensors will provide data necessary to establish a patient baseline, as well as information that shows progress over time. This requires that both the data and metadata (time, date, device) collected must be organized and properly stored. The data then needs to be analyzed to determine if they are within parameters, and then reported. Reporting systems often produce color indicators like red, yellow, or green for user ease and to expedite analysis of the reported information. The data is crucial to diagnosis and treatment, and is highly sensitive and personal. Medical data coming in, going out, and being stored require safe, secure handling with encryption. Standards for EMRs/EHRs as well as HIPAA are the guidance for securing the data. Any communications between the patient and the medical provider also need to be recorded and analyzed, and included in the patient record. Remote Monitoring systems capable of meeting the demands discussed in this post are supported by our Interaction Storage and Analytics system. The storage features must be organized, secure, and capable of interoperating with many different input and analytic systems. We believe interaction storage and analytics will step forward beyond traditional functions (i.e., call recording) to a more integrated role, and will make systems like remote patient monitoring more effective and useful. What are your thoughts? We would love to hear your opinions. Share with us on social media.

About the Author - Terry Ryan is President and CEO of HigherGround. He has also served as the company's Chief Operating Officer and previously was the National Sales Manager for Hydraulics International. Ryan's extensive technology background and experience also includes the United States Air Force as a Lead Mechanical Support Engineer, a Joint Service Test Manager, and a Project Engineer. Click here for more information on Tom and the rest of the HigherGround team!

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