Live911 provides the ability for first responders in the field, as well as any support personnel such as Watch Commanders, UAS Operators (DFR), Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) Staff, Incident Commanders, EOC Staff, etc., to monitor the location and audio of incoming 911 emergency calls. The geotagged call is provided to those field personnel within a pre-determined radius. The intent is to provide first responders with the most immediate and complete information of an ongoing emergency incident.

When a 911 call comes into Dispatch, Live911 sends it out to First Responders in the field. They hear it as it is happening, much like scanning other radio frequencies. It’s an optional tool to be used by those who want to, when they want to. First Responders can pre-set a radius so they only hear the calls near them. When they hear a call that is urgent, and are free to assist, they move in the direction of the incident, giving them a head start on traditional response times. All the while they get the most complete and timely info possible about any critical incident. There is no other way to get more information sooner than hearing the 911 call as it is happening. Live911 provides First Responders something they have never had before.


Imagine how a 911 caller will feel when the Call-Taker tells them:

“Keep talking, help is on the way and First Responders are listening!”


Live911 will save lives in your community.

United States Patent No. 11,206,327
Patents pending in the United States and internationally.