Industry Solutions

Industries We Serve

At HigherGround we are committed to providing unparalleled software and service to our customers, with focus on our core areas of expertise.  Concentration in these industries allows us to develop solutions that achieve and surpass desired goals.


With four decades of interaction recording and reporting, HigherGround is the premiere call recording, quality assurance, and compliance solution for large and small healthcare organizations.

Transportation and Logistics

The transportation industry is beginning to collect big data for its communications, fleets, vehicle sensors, scheduling, real-time activities, and more. HigherGround is engineered for capture and analysis of these data, allowing customization for a wide array of applications.


Our Calibre platform captures calls and interactions with associated metadata for dispatch and contact centers, providing smart grid analytics, more in-depth business intelligence, and enhanced customer service.

Public Safety

HigherGround’s highly reliable and customizable recording and retrieval capability makes Catpure911 the number one platform for 911 emergency dispatch centers.


Our call recording systems are suited to businesses large and small requiring telecommunications capture, data storage, analytics, and agent quality assurance. HigherGround’s flexible and diverse integrations are designed to work seamlessly with your network and applications.