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Critical Recording with Calibre

Recording phone calls and interactions is essential for call centers and other departments in Healthcare organizations. Calibre's interaction recording and retrieval solution provide the optimal system for healthcare facilities – from quick retrieval to report generation to highly effective quality assessment tools -  Calibre improves operational effectiveness.

HigherGround’s call recording solutions are designed to ensure that the needs of healthcare professionals are met. With agents handling an array of mission-critical information on a daily basis, it is crucial that the proper steps are taken to record, retrieve, and analyze communication efficiently. This allows for enhanced training, performance feedback, and, in turn, increased patient satisfaction.

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Multi-Media Recording

Calibre provides a multi-source call recording and reporting system to capture data and interactions across multiple channels.


Record VoIP, landlines, cell phones, text, email, IM, video chat, and other data. These interactions (along with metadata) are captured via applications or data collection modules and can be securely stored while also enabling quick and easy retrieval by authorized users.


Recording calls in a healthcare facility call center requires strict adherence to a multitude of regulations including HIPAA and MIPPA, as well as payment regulations such as PCI-DSS. Calibre provides built-in features that enable compliancy with these laws.


For example, the system administrator has the flexibility to grant each user access to as little or as much data and functionality as appropriate to their role. The system can be configured further to protect interactions that contain personal data by hiding them from all users except designated senior management or privacy officers.

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Selective Recording

Strict compliance recording features and HigherGround’s sophisticated API allow the recorder to be configured to listen for multiple types of event triggers and pause or stop accordingly, ensuring certain sensitive data is never captured or recorded.


For example, when the agent opens a form containing sensitive data fields, the application can instruct HigherGround to pause voice recording and screen capture while the personal data is being exchanged.

Quality Assurance

Boost call center scores with Calibre Quality Assurance. This QA feature makes it easy to score and grade agents, and email results for review.

Calibre quality assessment form

Real-Time Monitoring

You can monitor activities and performance in real-time or quickly retrieve interactions for review at a later time. Search with a wide array of parameters and choose to monitor calls, screen capture, email, text, IMs, and more based on agent, caller ID, media type, or other criteria.

Screen Capture

This feature records video of the agent’s desktop throughout the interaction, allowing you to monitor the agent’s synced screen activity at any moment. It allows you to review what applications were being used and how, as well as their browsing activities.

HigherGround screen capture

Speech Analytics

Speech analytics allows automated filtering of calls based on keywords, phrases, silence, or sentiment. It is a valuable tool that augments agent quality assurance assessment. Speech analytics can determine if agents are communicating appropriately and, with training, it can help improve behavior and tone.


Rapid Report Generation

Rapidly generate reports and charts for scheduled and on-demand analytics. You can select desired KPIs and filter by station number or agent, duration of interaction, type of media, number of interactions by agent, grading score, and more.

Calibre report analytics

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